Every Christmas and Valentine’s Day the Military Moms Prayer Group ships gift packages to the troops to let them know that they are not forgotten. The gift drives – now known as Holidays for Heroes – have generated an avalanche of community support, with donations of food and gift items from throughout Vero Beach.  Local elementary school children have contributed hundreds of handmade cards. Since 2006, more than 16,000 packages have reached the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in time for the holidays, thanks to this community-wide outreach.


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 A soldier in Afghanistan gives a thumbs up to packages that poured into his unit from residents of Indian River County and beyond, thanks to the Military Moms Prayer Group's 10th Annual Holidays for Heroes drive.  


A Free Call Home for the Troops from Pak Mail Beachside

            Through a generous donation of phone cards from Pak Mail on Beachland Boulevard, each Valentine box that the Military Moms Prayer Group sends to the troops will include not only chocolates and Valentine’s Day cards but also phone cards with 60 minutes of phone time on each card.   The phone cards are an outgrowth of Pak Mail’s program to collect old cell phones for the nonprofit Cell Phones for Soldiers. In exchange, Pak Mail received hundreds of phone cards, which they donated to the Military Moms Prayer Group to send to the troops for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. 

Valentines for Heroes

Other ways you can support Valentines For Heroes:

Make a contribution to Military Moms Prayer Group, Inc. to support shipping costs. The cost per box is $15.90 (USPS flat-rate cost for mailing to a military address). Mail donations to: Military Moms Prayer Group, Inc., P.O. Box 643511, Vero Beach, FL 32964.

Make a tax-deductible donation on Pay Pal

Join the Military Moms Prayer Group on Saturday, January 30th, from 9 to 11 a.m., to pack Valentine boxes for the troops at Christ Church Vero Beach (behind Outback).

The Top Ten Treats Our Troops Want Most

Powdered drink mixes (lemonade, Gatorade, Tang, hot chocolate)
Nuts (mixed nuts, peanuts, trail mix, microwave popcorn)
Peanut butter (in individual packets)
Dried fruit/raisins
Wet wipes or baby wipes
Protein bars and granola bars
Meat products (Beef jerky/Slim Jims; canned or foil-wrapped tuna, chicken, corned beef)
Rahmen noodles
Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards
Socks (black)

84th Engineering Battalion, 643rd Engineering Company WOLFPACK in Iraq

Holidays for Heroes
Linda Colontrelle founded the holiday gift drive in December 2006, while her son, Danny, a graduate of West Point, was serving his second tour in Iraq.

Prayer group member Gail Reams carried on the holiday tradition in 2007, reaching out to sailors, soldiers, and marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her son, Scott, served two tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps.


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